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Accidental President- Was It Meant To Be This Way?

Accidental President- Was It Meant To Be This Way?

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Accidental President make a splash right away, mostly because they’re so visually striking "A formidable sound ride that will change your day & send you into ecstasy" Felice Capasso, System Failure "A brilliantly engaging album that mixes atmospheric gothic, intricate metal vibes and a soaring classic rock mood from start to finish. This superb album connects with listeners in many ways."

A sound bomb both instrumentally and technically as well as for the inspiration and panache it manages to convey.

1. Was it meant to
be this way?
2. Ready Kid?
3. Bang Bang
4. Bitter Sweet
5. Super Hero
6. What U Wanna
7. Dollar Signs
8. After the Sun
9. Paranoia
10. Unity
11. Save Her
12. More to Life

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