Wormholedeath USA

Wormholedeath, based in Los Angeles, will improve our ability to support our growing catalogue and activities in the United States. The new North American office is now fully active and will provide a full range of services and support capabilities to our Publishing Division and to our label- Wormholedeath.

Carlo Bellotti stated: "Having an operation within the United States will make us increasingly effective and responsive to the American market’s requirements and enables us to give even stronger support to our artists and labels. Over many years our company has built up an impressive business throughout Europe and Japan, now it’s time to develop our strategic vision further in America to be complete. By opening our new North America support operation, we are re-emphasizing Wormholedeath’s commitment to the market and our desire to grow."

Wormholedeath USA is the US extension of the growing firm that first started in Florence, Italy. We specialize in music production and music publishing, and occasionally venture into other various fields and markets, such as filmed entertainment.