Label Service & Publishing


The role of a publisher is pivotal for an artist's success.

Dungeon Media holds a vested interest (as a co-owner of the work and its corresponding economic exploitation) in utilizing your material across diverse contexts and platforms. We manage aspects related to synchronization licenses, music recording usage, and live performances, while also ensuring the security and legal protection of your work. Dungeon Media takes charge of addressing litigation, plagiarism, theft, and fraudulent actions that external entities might engage in against the artists we represent.

Dungeon Media safeguards the interests of the composer. It is crucial to note that anyone seeking to use a song in a production must obtain a license from the publisher, who is the copyright owner. The proceeds from these licenses are shared (as per contract) with the artists we represent. In the absence of a publisher, a significant portion of the earnings may be held by collecting societies like S.I.A.E. / BMI/ ASCAP or equivalent entities in other countries. Many lucrative opportunities, such as synchronization deals, become challenging for artists to execute independently without a publisher. The first step for the publisher involves registering and depositing the work, establishing authorship and increasing the work's public visibility. Dungeon Media facilitates bureaucratic protection, enhancing the work's value and potentially multiplying your income.



Dungeon Media manages compositions comprehensively, handling administration, protection, marketing, promotion, and distribution through a strategic partnership with WARNER CHAPPELL MUSIC (Warner Music Group) and numerous global partners. This ensures precise collection of accrued benefits in all countries where copyright is protected. Dungeon Media, alongside WARNER CHAPPELL MUSIC, administers various rights, including public execution, cinema broadcasting, mechanical reproduction, printed reproduction, and synchronization. Acting as a collecting agent, Dungeon Media/WARNER CHAPPELL MUSIC handles mechanical reproduction and public performance royalties on behalf of the artist.



Dungeon Media has entered a significant co-publishing agreement with WARNER CHAPPELL MUSIC, a leading company in sync audio/video placement for film, advertising, and television. This partnership allows Dungeon Media to showcase artists to film production companies and advertisers, preparing sampler CDs for music supervisors. Dungeon Media facilitates synchronizations of various types, creating an online catalog for heightened exposure in the audiovisual production realm. Dungeon Media is already working with Netflix, Magnolia, Endemol, Redbull and many others.


Through Dungeon Media's expertise in license campaigns, we expand possibilities for proposing products to labels and distributions, selecting labels based on an in-depth understanding of international catalogs. Dungeon Media ensures precise and professional product presentation, taking care of every detail.


 Dungeon Media has gathered more than 500 shops in its own distribution network in the US.

  • Digital distribution: The Orchard
  • Physical distribution: 523 Shops Across The States


Dungeon Media offers advice on all commercial aspects and product management, covering ISRC, Barcode, catalogue numbers, etc. The company's dedicated division for strategic marketing and clients that need a label can use Dungeon Media Logo as a proper Label on the products, socials, websites.

Dungeon Media, as part of the Carlo Bellotti Publishing group, specializes in multi-platform promotional campaigns, management, marketing, production, and distribution. The company collaborates with European press agencies, radio, TV, and various entities, providing an exhaustive and innovative independent PR service.


  • Finding suitable partners (Label, Distribution, or Publishing)
  • Representation of the artist or label during negotiations
  • Dealing with studios
  • Music Publishing Consultant
  • Copyright Specialist
  • Music Merchandising/Marketing
  • Accounting/Administration (B2B)
  • Record Promotion
  • Band Promotion
  • Label Promotion
  • Concert Promotion
  • Promotion through the Internet, radio, written press
  • TV Promotion and mailout of videos to TVs and Websites
  • Development of press books
  • Mailing of press kits
  • Online Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Administrative support (legal, practical)
  • Correspondence and PR
  • A&R support
  • Marketing


Print promotion remains a top priority across all sectors of activity. Dungeon Media collaborates with various print media, ranging from relevant music magazines to smaller local papers and glossy magazines. Promo items are requested eight weeks before release for optimal results.


Dungeon Media manages a list of many Independent Radio channels and stations, including supra-regional/nationwide stations, public law/federal state-wide stations, and local radios with day and night programs.


For planned video releases, Dungeon Media delivers content to relevant channels. Tour promotion and appearances on TV shows, if relevant, are occasionally coordinated.


When scheduling Tour plans, Dungeon Media integrates album promotion with tour promotion, providing tour dates and inviting as many people as possible. Coordination of guest lists, interviews, and spot-on-the-ground coordination is also part of the service.


Dungeon Media serves CDs to relevant online zines/mags, focusing on reviews, features, and interviews. Direct links to the label's webpage and artists' homepages are provided whenever possible. Press statements are shared with the client as soon as they become available.