Indie Rock / Shoegaze

Reversed Chakra

The music, a compelling fusion of indie rock, Dark Wave, and Post Rock, resonates with profound emotional depth, weaving a narrative that transcends the ordinary. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Interpol, Editors, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, The Cure, and Sigur Ros, Reversed Chakra embarks on a sonic odyssey that defies convention and embraces the sublime.

The band's line up is constituted by 4 professional musicians Alice Bianconcini (Guitars), Carlo Bellotti (Bass), Leonardo Martera (Drums) and Justin Brett (Vocals).


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Rock / Indie Rock

Jeremy Harry Harris

Jeremy Harry Harris, an Australian singer/songwriter, channels pandemic-era frustrations and reflections into his music. Collaborating with Cuban musician Reinier Martin Rodriguez, his latest project, "Walking With My Darkness," explores themes of grief and resilience. With an upcoming album set to release in February 2024, Jeremy's music offers a poignant journey through the shadows of the human experience.

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Black Metal


Shadowdream, a black metal project hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia, and currently rooted in Stockholm, Sweden, is the brainchild of Magister Nocturnal (Rastko Perisic), who ventured to Sweden to pursue an MA degree in Cinema. Their music blends the intense atmospheres of dark ambient with the haunting melodies of neoclassical music, resulting in a unique and atmospheric black metal experience.


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