About Us




Welcome to Dungeon Media, your gateway to an unparalleled music distribution service crafted with the expertise of Carlo Bellotti Publishing Company. As a testament to our legacy since 2000, Dungeon Media seamlessly integrates the industry know-how and experience amassed by Carlo Bellotti Publishing, a name synonymous with excellence in music.

Dungeon Media stands as the embodiment of this musical legacy, offering a
comprehensive distribution service that transcends boundaries. With a
formidable network encompassing 523 physical shops and a strategic digital distribution partnership with The Orchard, a division of Sony Music, Dungeon Media is at the forefront of the global music landscape.

Our affiliation with Warner Chappell Music empowers us to extend unparalleled publishing services, adding administration, copyright management, tracking and collecting of royalties to our offerings. Beyond distribution, Dungeon Media is your one-stop destination for promotion, label services, and the full spectrum of tools essential for your music marketingbarcodes, ISRC codes, catalog management, and professional graphic layouts.

While our services are firmly planted in the vibrant music scene of the
United States, Dungeon Media has expanded its influence with a dedicated office in England. This strategic positioning allows us to cater to the dynamic and diverse needs of the global music community.

At the helm of Dungeon Media is CEO Carlo Bellotti, a visionary leader whose passion for music has driven the success of Carlo Bellotti Publishing
Company. Guiding our strategic vision is Vice President Gabe Zane, whose expertise adds depth and dynamism to our operations.

Market your products with Dungeon Media, where tradition meets innovation,
and your art finds its home on the global stage. Unleash the power of your
music with a distribution service that echoes the legacy of Carlo Bellotti
Publishing where every note resonates, and every artist finds their voice.